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for Black Women and Women of Color Teachers

in PreK-12 classroom and homeschool settings

Peer Support...
a means to staying
healthy, happy and hopeful!

Can Collaboration be a

Tool for Wellness?

Yes it Can!

"Peer support can overall be beneficial for improving

mental health...

Peer support, which is peer-to-peer provided social and emotional support,

is an underutilized and effective mental health resource that can potentially be used to ameliorate mental health."                10.3389/fpsyt.2021.714181/full

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b.well, together! is a welcoming space for Black Women and Women of Color teachers to vent and say the unsaid, celebrate their magic and to unite their brilliance. A space to collectively provide insight and solutions to the day to day

stressors and struggles of school life.

b.well, together! is a sacred space for Black Women and Women of Color teachers to

b.seen, b.loved, and b.empowered! 

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