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b.well, talks! for PK-12 teachers
Virtual 1-1 Conversations with dr.Sarahb, founder of Collective Learning, LLC.

One on one conversations where you are the focus as we co-create possibilities and a purposeful plan of action to successfully manage this new way of doing school.  

I am an elementary teacher, by profession, who has taught nationally and abroad.

I have spent the majority of my educational career mentoring, coaching, training and simply supporting teachers  around the world.  I am an advocate for teacher knowledge being a key source for

learning, information, and innovation.  


These last years have proven what I have always believed to be true: 

Teachers can be leaders of their own learning!

My offerings are for folks to see the power within and become the solution to the challenges

that they are experiencing. 

This builds confidence, resourcefulness and sustainability among people and organizations.

People knowing and living in their full potential is... wellness.

So I invite you to indulge yourself in dedicated one-on-one conversations focused on YOU: 

your practice, your challenges, your fears, your well-being and your aspirations ... Yes aspirations!

Benefit from confidential chats with an educator who gets it and can

help you navigate through it, and even beyond it!

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